Update and setting PHP 5.1 ke 5.2 Centos/RHEL5

Langsung aja, caranya..

1. Show list package installed:
#rpm -qa | grep php

2. Stop service httpd & mysqld
service httpd stop
service mysqld stop

3. Remove old package installed
#yum remove php-common
#yum remove php-cli
#yum remove php-5.2
#yum php-mbstring
#yum php-do
#yum remove..
#rpm -qa | grep php –>sampai ngak ada yang tersisa


#rpm -e php-common
#rpm -e php-cli
#rpm -e php-5.2
#rpm -e php-mbstring
#rpm -e php-do
#rpm -e                   -> sampai nggak ada yang tersisa

4. Download and copy repository/package from apache.net to dir :


5. Extract and instal rpm
#rpm -ivh package.rpm
#rpm -ivh common.5.2.XX.rpm
#rpm -ivh cli.5.2.XX.rpm
#rpm -ivh php.5.2.XX.rpm
#rpm -ivh mbstring.5.2.XX.rpm
#rpm -ivh pdo.5.2.XX.rpm

dan jangan lupa sekalian phpMyAdminnya, klo belum keinstal..

#rpm -ivh phpMyAdmin2.11.XX.rpm
#rpm -qa | grep php

6.set user access to phpmyadmin
#vi /etc/httpd/conf/http.conf
deny allow

#vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf
# Default security is to only allow the local host access.
<Directory /usr/share/phpMyAdmin>
Order Deny,Allow
#       Deny from all           *kasi komentar untuk disable
Allow from localhost

service httpd start
service mysqld start

7. Open and test browser at localhost(

chkconfig –level httpd
chkconfig –level mysqld
if both service output on screen 2345, its ok
if no, then..
chkconfig –234 httpd      —-> (off:on:on:on:off)
chkconfig –234 mysqld  —-> (off:on:on:on:off)

Semoga bermanfaat.. 😀


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